Missionary Cenacle Volunteers

Goal of Program

To help Catholics and others become apostles by growing spiritually while in service to the poor and abandoned.

Type of Placement

Primarily Short-term Missions: Camp and/or recreation; family ministry; youth ministry; summer Bible school; parish summer programs. Occasional Long-term placement for Women Only: Catechists; teachers and aides; pastoral ministry; retreat ministry; material assistance; migrant ministry; Hispanic ministry; Youth Ministry and social service. Some in person opportunities may be affected by COVID.

Service Area

Across the continental USA, Puerto Rico and Mexico (for those fluent in Spanish).

Service Length

Short-term: One week to two months, depending on site. Long-term: Typically one year, possibility of renewal.

Program Size

Short-term: 25-30 volunteers. Long-term: variable.


Short-term: 18 years and older, men, women, single, married. Long-term: 21 years and older women, single (no dependents), fluency in Spanish for some sites. Possible site visit prior to placement.

Financial Arrangements

Short term: Room and board. Volunteers provide their own transportation to and from mission site. Long term: Room and board, health insurance reimbursement, and monthly stipend. Volunteers provide their own transportation to and from mission site.

Living Arrangements

Short-term: Small group community at most sites. Long-term: Typically with religious sister(s).


Varies by mission site.

Application Deadline

Short-term Summer: Application period opens January 1. April 15 priority placement deadline, with rolling admissions after April 15 until Summer Missions are full. Long-term Applicants: Open enrollment.

Start Date


Maureen Masterson Carr


P.O. Box 35105
Cleveland, OH 44135
Phone: 216 926-2152


[email protected]


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Sponsored by the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity (Catholic sisters).

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