Quaker Voluntary Service

General Info
PO Box 8240
Atlanta, GA 31106
Phone: 404-721-4787
Program Contacts
Atlanta, GA
750 Glenwood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30316
Phone: 404-721-4787
Christina Repoley
Executive Director
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Ross Hennesy
Philadelphia Coordinator
Portland, OR
Portland, OR
Sarah Klatt Dickerson
Portland Coordinator
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Goal of Program: 
The goal of Quaker Voluntary Service is to provide transformational experiences for young adult Quakers and those open to Quaker practices. We hope that by participating in a year of service in a Quaker intentional community, our participants will positively impact organizations and agencies working for social change and justice, develop real relationships across boundaries of perceived difference, and grow and deepen in their faith. Ultimately we hope this program will form and shape young people into lives of service committed to faith, and revitalize our communities in the world.
Type of Placement: 
Long-term: Each QVS volunteer will be placed in an 11-month, full-time position with a local nonprofit, school, or other relevant site placement in one of our cities (Atlanta, GA, Portland, OR, Philadelphia, PA, or Boston, MA). There will be opportunities in areas such as homelessness and poverty, environmental justice, the arts, work with adults with developmental disabilities, work with immigrants and refugees, peace advocacy, and more.
Service Area: 
We have programs in Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Portland, OR and Philadelphia, PA.
Service Length: 
11 months
Fellows must be 21 years of age and interested in and open to exploring the Quaker faith, participating in regular worship and community life activities, and able to work full-time in a service setting.
Financial Arrangement: 
Long-term: Fellows will receive housing, health insurance, a food stipend, a transportation stipend, and a personal living stipend. They will also receive regular trainings, retreats, and support from QVS staff as well as spiritual mentoring and support. Two full Fridays a month will be spent together as a QVS group rather than at your work site. We also send QVS fellows to conferences and trainings throughout the year.
Living Arrangements: 
All fellows will live together in a communal house.
Program Size: 
We will have six to eight fellows in each of our four cities.
In addition to professional development and training that fellows will receive at their service site placement, QVS will offer trainings in the following areas: anti-racism; nonviolence and conflict resolution; spiritual practices; Quaker theology, worship, history, and current practice; and vocational discernment. We will bring in outside resource people. Two full days of every month will be spent in training and spiritual formation. Conferences out of town are also supported.
Application Deadline: 
March 15th
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