UCCE - University Consortium for Catholic Education

Goal of Program

The UCCE is a collaborative effort within higher education to strengthen and sustain K-12 Catholic education. The consortium programs are housed at Catholic colleges and universities, and are designed as graduate level teaching service programs. All UCCE programs share the common pillars of Spirituality, Community, and Professional Development, and all offer the opportunity to earn a Master's degree while pursuing a vocation in Catholic education. Programs differ in the types of degrees offered, duration of program, candidate eligibility, area of service, and religious affiliation. Consortium members include: ACE, ACESJU, ACT, Billiken Teacher Corps, ExCEL, Lalanne, LU-CHOICE, Magis, Operation TEACH, PACE, PACT, PLACE Corps, UCTC. Visit our website for links to the individual program websites.

Type of Placement

UCCE teaching placements are in participating Catholic schools. School sites are chosen in concert with the local dioceses. Placements vary widely, including suburban, inner-city, rural and Native American reservation schools.

Service Area

UCCE member programs serve coast to coast in over 59 dioceses in the United States.

Service Length

Two years to 27 months. Program dependent.

Program Size

Varies widely-see each program


Minimally, a Bachelor's degree, an interest in Catholic education, a commitment to service, and a desire to live in community. Program dependent.

Financial Arrangements

Tuition subsidized, housing, stipend, medical insurance, student loan deferment available; some programs participate in AmeriCorps education awards (when available).

Living Arrangements

Generally, teachers live in intentional communities. Housing is arranged by each program and may include single family residences, apartments, and former convent or rectory buildings.


Volunteers are enrolled in graduate coursework for the duration of their service. Degrees offered include M.Ed., M.A., M.S., and M.A.T. Summer coursework may begin as early as May or as late as mid-June. Program dependent. Semi-annual retreats, conferences, program activities and meetings run throughout the programs and are designed to support and encourage community and spiritual growth.

Application Deadline

Between January 1st and April 15th. Program dependent.

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