Family Foster Care

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Start: Aug 17, 2020 / End: Jul 12, 2020 / Location: NYC

Good Shepherd Volunteers connects recent college graduates to one-year, full time volunteer opportunities serving women, children, and adolescents affected by poverty, violence, and neglect. Our volunteers live together in intentional community, gain real-life experience in their full-time site placements, receive valuable training and development, and grow personally from the experience.

We currently have positions serving in youth counseling, education, foster care, domestic violence, and public policy. Our volunteers work side-by-side with experienced social workers, counselors, and educators, gaining tremendous foundation for their future careers. Many of our volunteers have gone onto graduate school once completing our program to pursue degrees in social work, education, medicine and law. Our placements are in New York City and New Jersey. Join us and apply today –


The GSV in this role works one on one with teens to help create future academic and career goals and facilitates various groups and workshops for youth to attend. Accompany youth on errands, appointments, and outings to local government offices to obtain documentation for jobs and school. Volunteers in this position also have the opportunity to take youth to shows, sporting events, and other recreational activities.

Family Foster Care provides safe, temporary care to children and adolescents who have been removed from their birth families because of possible abuse or neglect. Family Foster Care consists of a multidisciplinary team including caseworkers, an Educational/Vocational Specialist, a nurse, Independent Living Coordinator and a Job/Career Specialist, who work together to provide youth development, substance abuse, educational, medical, and other services designed specifically for the youth in the foster care program, as well as an aftercare program to continue providing needed services following discharge or aging out of the program.

Start your career in social justice with us!

Real-life Experiences
Working side-by-side with experienced social workers, counselors, and educators, you’ll find yourself learning and growing every day through real-life experiences.

Define your interests and gain skills that set you on a path to a rewarding career.

Supportive Community
Each volunteer is backed by a community composed of:

– Fellow volunteers, who create a close-knit bond built through shared experiences

– Accessible staff, who support the experience, and transition into volunteers’ professional and personal community life. Development continues growth throughout the year across four weekend retreats throughout the year.

– GSV alumni and supporters, who stay involved with the program in various ways In day-to-day work, each placement site offers professional supervision and

Training & Development

Challenge yourself within a safe and supportive environment.

Begin with a week-long orientation to meet your cohort, gain a deeper understanding of the mission and tenets that will serve as the foundation for your experience, and transition into community life. Development continues across four weekend retreats throughout the year.

In day-to-day work, each placement site offers professional supervision and training to support you in your role.

Additionally, you’ll gain access to varied opportunities, such as training on trauma-informed practice, substitute teaching certification, United Nations Commission on the status of women, and many more.

Personal Growth

Get to know yourself and understand your impact on those around you. You will emerge from this challenging journey a better roommate, friend, family member, partner, and employee.

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