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Program Timing: As Soon As Possible / Location: Lumberton, NM

We are reopening our school with Covid precautions. We still need 2 teachers and offer this description of how we plan on operating. Any questions, or for an application, please contact principal Madeline Lyon, St. Francis School, 575-759-3252 or 970-398-0372 (cell), or by email: stfrancisoflumberton@gmail.com. Many blessings!!

We surveyed our parents and guardians over the past couple of weeks. As for the structure we considered for next year, there were two (2) choices on the surveys. The first was to have students in school on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, or, second, to continue as we are with packets of work sent home each week. In both structures, food service will continue. The first choice, will include assignments to be done on the days students are not in school. The second choice will include some phone or online contact during the week.

The results were about evenly divided. So, St. Francis School will offer both options. Parents/guardians will have a choice at the time of enrollment. For option 1, families will be scheduled rather than students so that parents/guardians will only have to make trips twice a week instead of four times. For option 2, packets will be made each week for pickup on Mondays.

These are our plans to date. Of course, directives from the State and/or the Diocese could change our plans, but this seems to be the direction the CDC and the State is going. Students in school will have to practice social distancing, but may not be required to wear a face covering. Teachers and support staff will wear a face covering. We will continue frequent hand washing, surface cleaning, and disinfecting materials between use. Daily operation will also include assigning seats at lunch tables to maintain distancing, creating exercise stations for recess on the grassy area behind the school, and so on.