Year: 2014

A moment of compassion and peace

By Kelsi HolmesOn mission in India with Heart’s Home When we arrived at the room of Pathamma, she was in the same place and position that she had been in the day before. She had not moved in some time and was lying in days worth of her own waste. Near her head sat a… Read more »

God is with us – now!

By Jim LindsayExecutive Director, Catholic Volunteer Network Christian Appalachian Project summer camp counselors enjoy a weekend of reflection and rest as they explore Eastern Kentucky. Jesus informs us that the Son of Man is coming at a time when we least expect him. There are many ways to explain this saying. Let’s begin by posing… Read more »

Home is where the heart is at peace

By Molly MagriSt. Joseph Workers volunteer serving at St. Joseph Center I’ve always had a difficult time trying to explain where my home is, or where I’m from when I’m asked those questions. You see, unlike many people I know, I’ve moved around the country quite a bit. I started off in California, then made… Read more »

Loving with an Open Hand

By Ariana RangelAmeriCorps Member at Maggie’s Place There is a beautiful image of Mary and Eve that I really love in which Mary is comforting Eve. The colors are vibrant and the message it conveys is a comfort to me. As Mary crushes the serpent that is wrapped around Eve’s leg, she holds Eve’s hand… Read more »

Discernment story: Be a human being, not a human doing

By Mallorie GerwitzFormer Colorado Vincentian Volunteers memberFrom Service to Sisterhood Vocation Story My senior year of high school was when I first felt that I heard the call to professed life.  I spoke to Sister Jean, FSSJ at my high school but I wasn’t ready to truly make that kind of life decision. It was… Read more »

Discernment story: “You could be happy like that”

By Sr. Meg KymesFormer Vincentian Service Corps volunteer in St. Louis, MOFrom Service to Sisterhood Vocation Story From the moment I met them I felt drawn to their joyful spirit. I heard this little voice inside of me say, “You could be happy like that.” At first I was shocked and a little scared. I… Read more »

Keepin’ It Real With 3 Recruitment Fair Best Practices

Recruiting for your program at volunteer or career fairs is an amazing way to connect with students looking for post-graduate opportunities. Here are some tips for making the most of these fairs! Many of these tips came from observation, experience and conversations with veteran recruiters. It’s easy to feel like you could have said more… Read more »

Living Simply So Others Can Simply Live

By Olivia ElswickSalesian Lay MissionerCVN 2014 story contest winner This is the story of one girl living with 25 little men. No, it isn’t an account of Snow White and her dwarf friends; rather, it’s the tale of the time I spent in rural Davangere, India, working as a caregiver, English teacher and tutor at… Read more »

A Day in the Life with the Volunteer Missionary Movement USA: Kristin and Billy Byrnes

Enjoy this treat from the archives! Kristin Byrnes is originally from Yakima, WA, and her husband, Billy Byrnes, from San Jose, CA. Prior to serving as volunteers with Volunteer Missionary Movement they worked as Associate Campus Ministers and Religion Teachers for seven years at rival Catholic high schools in San Jose, CA. Currently they teach English at the Instituto… Read more »