Membership Survey Results Indicate Growth in Volunteerism

2010 FrancisCorps
Evidence of strong growth in faith based volunteer service continues as we are happy to announce an increase in the number of volunteers serving through our network of volunteer programs for the third straight year.  According to the results of our most recent survey, 14,488 individuals served with our faith based service organizations in 2009-2010, the largest number on record, in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and 108 countries.  Seventy-four percent of the volunteers were under 25 years of age.
“We at Catholic Volunteer Network are encouraged to see that the number of faith-based volunteers is increasing. In the face of the current economic struggle and human suffering prevalent today, the call to faith-based volunteer service brings hope for transformation in a hurting world,” said Jim Lindsay, Catholic Volunteer Network Executive Director.
Founded in 1963 by Fr. George Mader and Patricia (Mader) Stalker, today we are the leading non-profit association for domestic and international volunteer and lay mission programs, and includes approximately 200 faith-based service programs among its membership.  We are a leading resource for information about faith based volunteer service through the RESPONSE directory, which provides a complete listing of member programs and is available in print and online. 
We also provide networking opportunities and national advocacy for our member programs, as well as program support through the National Conference, Formation Workshop, web-based Resource Library, and Webinar Series. The Webinars provide critical guidance about volunteer programming, and offer training that would otherwise be unavailable for many programs.  About 70 percent of our current members are affiliated with Catholic institutions but programs with any Christian affiliation are welcome.  The AmeriCorps Education Award is offered through many of our programs.  More information is available at
Other survey results include:
  • 14,488 volunteers served in Catholic Volunteer Network member programs.
  • 12,767 volunteers served domestically; 3,068 served nine months or longer (24%).
  • 1,721 volunteers served internationally; 638 served nine months or longer (37%).
  • 74% of volunteers were 25 years of age or under. (This includes 6,771 short-term domestic volunteers.)
  • 23 programs reported a total of 128 volunteers serving with disabilities.
  • 194 married couples served in Catholic Volunteer Network programs; 54 of the couples served with their dependents.
  • The largest single field of work for short-term volunteers was Social Services (47.8%); for long-term volunteers it was Education (31.8%).
  • 94.4% of long-term volunteers completed their term of service.
  • 52% of long-term volunteers entered the workforce upon completion of their term of service. Of these, 41% worked in Education and 21% in Social Services.
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