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Want to share your story? How about sharing it with thousands of interested people from around the country? We currently have a story and photo contest running for our annual RESPONSE Directory! Winners will have their story published in our directory, as well as on our blog and social media sites - and may even be featured on the cover of RESPONSE 2018! Download the form below for more information!

Story Themes: 

  • Community and Simple Living – How did living simply in community with other volunteers enhance your service experience? What did you gain from this experience?
  • Spirituality – How has your faith been strengthened by the experience of volunteering? Where did you find Christ in those you served?
  • Social Justice – What social justice issue has most deeply impacted you during this year of service? Tell a story of how a social justice issue came to life for you while volunteering.
  • Write a letter to a future volunteer – What advice helped you through your service experience? What do you wish you had known before you started?
  • Alumni Story – Looking back on your service experience – how did it leave a lasting impression on your life? Did it influence career or lifestyle choices that you made? How have you remained connected to your program or service site?

Submissions should run between 700-900 words and include 2-4 high quality digital photographs. The deadline is April 20, 2017. 

Click here to download the entry form and guidelines!


2016 Story Contest Winner: The Mystery of Mission

By Teresa Villaruz, Maryknoll Lay Missioners

Excerpt: "This is what mission is all about.  It’s about serving others and wrestling with the questions surfacing that you didn’t even know were inside you. It is the ability to look in the mirror and see yourself with stark and almost terrifying clarity because the truth is, when you pluck yourself from your everyday familiar and intentionally put yourself into what is uncomfortable and foreign, the landscapes of your soul begin to rumble and shift. And you begin to realize that these questions, no matter how painful to hold, are a gift. Your soul, though it may fall into temporary darkness, will bloom and your heart will expand because you had the courage to allow the tragedy around you to shatter it. You had the courage to stand with your hands open and empty, waiting for God to fill them."

Read "The Mystery of Mission" by Teresa Villaruz, serving with Maryknoll Lay Missioners, our 2016 Story Contest Winner!


Written Stories

Catholic Volunteer Network is always excited to read stories from volunteers about your service experiences! We publish these stories on our website, in our e-newsletter and on our blog, Please send story submissions of no more than 1,000 words to

Speaking Engagements

Do you enjoy speaking in front of crowds? Catholic Volunteer Network is always looking for current and former volunteers who are willing to speak about their experiences at parishes across the country. Small speaking stipends are available. To find out if we're looking for a speaker in your area, email