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Saint John's School of Theology and Seminary

Rooted in the Catholic and Benedictine tradition, Saint John’s School of Theology and Seminary prepares students, lay and ordained, for service in the Church. Our students are prepared for a variety of professional ministry and academic careers through our seven master’s degree programs. Inquire today about how you can receive a full-tuition scholarship, a living stipend, and free housing in our on-campus, graduate housing through our Conversatio program today! Connect with us: @CollegevilleMN.


As a former volunteer, you have a special place in the Catholic Volunteer Network community. You have now joined the “alumni” network of volunteer programs nationwide – a dynamic group of people that can assist you in processing your experience and figuring out your next steps. Catholic Volunteer Network, in partnership with the Catholic Apostolate Center, provides a number of resources to help volunteer alumni stay connected to their experience and make the most of what they have learned!

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Staying Connected

Catholic Volunteer Network, in partnership with the Catholic Apostolate Center, publishes Staying Connected, a quarterly e-newsletter for former volunteers. This publication features stories from alumni, articles on faith, volunteerism, community, and social justice to help you remain rooted in your commitment to service. You may click here to subscribe to the Staying Connected newsletter.

Alumni Job Bank

If you are seeking employment, you may be interested in our weekly Job Bank. Every Friday we send out a list of new positions that are ideal for former volunteers. Jobs are spread out all over the country and range in type of work and experience required. Click here to subscribe to our Job Bank.

What's Next Notebook

This publication is our guide for volunteers making the transition out of their year of service. This resource will help you process the ways that you have been changed by service, and also look ahead to decide what your next steps will be. This resource is designed as a booklet that you can use during your times of prayer and reflection. We encourage you to print this and write your thoughts inside it. Click here to access!

I CHOSE SERVICE Campaign (#IChoseService)

We know that it's not an easy decision to commit to a full-time service opportunity. Many of you gave up job offers, delayed graduate school, declined opportunities to travel abroad or move in with college friends - all to take a leap of faith and become a volunteer. To many, that choice may not seem logical or strategic - and that's why we've launched the "I Chose Service" campaign, which highlights the many options people faced before deciding to volunteer, and the reasons why service was a good choice. These stories provide insights and encouragement for college students who are deciding whether or not service is right for them.

You can get involved by submitting your "I Chose Service" story. Click here for more details. You can also click here to read "I Chose Service" stories from other recent volunteers

Regional Alumni Listservs

If you are looking to connect with other former volunteers in your region, you may be interested in CVN’s Regional Listservs. You can register to receive updates from any of our seven regions: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Chicago, Portland OR, and Los Angeles. These Listservs are a great way to make connections, find housing, and learn of networking and social gatherings. Why not join and introduce yourself? Click here to subscribe to our Listservs.

Retreats, Re-entry Programs, and Conferences

The experience of volunteering can take a lifetime to process. Whether you are fresh from your experience and transitioning back to “normal” life, or you are revisiting your experience after some time has passed, we can help you find the forum you need to reflect and grow as a former volunteer. CVN offers information about numerous retreats, re-entry programs, and other events via our alumni email list, which you can register for by clicking here. You will also find events from CVN partner programs listed on our upcoming events webpage.

Graduate School Resources

Has your volunteer experience inspired you to pursue graduate studies? We have good news – many grad schools currently offer scholarship opportunities specifically for former volunteers. Check out a listing of schools and programs available by clicking here – the earlier you can begin an application, the better!

Seasonal Reflection Guides

Catholic Volunteer Network, in partnership with the Catholic Apostolate Center, publishes seasonal Advent and Lenten Reflection Guides, written by current and former volunteers in our network. The reflections draw directly from each volunteer’s service experiences and can be used as an individual or community reflection tool. Click here to view the seasonal Reflection Guides archive.

Pallotti Center Archives

For 28 years, the Pallotti Center provided support, inspiration, and resources for current and former volunteers. While the Center closed its doors in 2012, their archives are still available through the Catholic Apostolate Center. Visit this site to access previous issues of Staying Connected and Shared Visions.

Catholic Social Teaching Resources

Catholic Apostolate Center can help you dig deeper into your exploration of our rich tradition of Catholic Social Teaching. Visit their resource center for a wealth of information on this subject.

Questions about the resources you see here? Please contact Jocelyn A. Sideco at jsideco@catholicvolunteernetwork.org

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