Transfigure us, O God, into Your Beloved Community

by Annie Boyd-Ramirez

As we begin observing Lent this year, I think of the hope of transformation. Perhaps Lent isn’t just about what not to do, but maybe what and how we can do that gives us and God enough room to cultivate the transformation we need in our lives…

In Luke 9:28-36, Jesus performs a miracle, the transfiguration onto himself, to show His disciples Peter, James, and John that He is the fulfillment of God, that He is the Messiah. Jesus gave them this miraculous experience to strengthen and reinforce their trust and their faith in Him as God.

Miraculous experiences of faith in our own lives can be just as powerful and crystal clear. Many others though are much more subtle.

How can we carry an openness to experience God in big faith events like the transfiguration and in simpler, daily moments? How can we find God in all things to strengthen our Spirituality?

Loving God, today on Ash Wednesday, while we might not be able to attend mass due to the pandemic and receive the ashes to transfigure us and to explicitly show the world that we are believers in you;

We pray that our hearts and minds remain open to experiencing miracles like Jesus’ transfiguration and more subtle ones through which you are inviting us to deepen our faith.

We pray in the journey of Lent that we embark on with you today, may we trust it is leading us to more awareness of your presence in our lives.

Service Suggestion: 
When the wisdom gained through prayer, reflection, and self-awareness is put into practice, it is an act of service.

While we might pray for God’s crystal-clear message such as the transfiguration, are we allowing ourselves the opportunity to explore God in all contexts of our lives? Where are we truly open and where are we playing it safe?

How can current events serve as a calling to deepen our faith and to propel us to serve more compassionately?

For my fellow White Catholics, how is God and the social justice movement around race calling you to be an anti-racist?

For everyone, join the 21-Day Ignatian Racial Equity Challenge.

Annie Boyd-Ramirez is from outside of Chicago and attended Marquette University and the University of Chicago. She resides in El Salvador and serves as the executive director of Programa Velasco.

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