Civil/Criminal Justice Intervention Advocate

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Start: Aug 1, 2022 / End: Jun 30, 2023 / Location: St. Paul, MN

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Serves within Cornerstones Criminal and Civil Justice Intervention team, which provides civil and criminal legal advocacy services to victim/survivor of domestic abuse sexual assault and human trafficking in a knowledgeable, empathetic manner.

Education and/or Experience- Bachelor’s degree in a human service, public health social work or related field. Length of experience in a social service field may be considered in lieu of education. Additional, 1-2 years’ experience working within the anti-violence field and/or systems (e.g. criminal justice, social services, etc.) preferred.

Qualifications and Key Skillsets

  • Ability to remain calm and survivor-centered with  those  experiencing  crisis  and
  • Understanding of the human services delivery system with an emphasis on serving diverse, marginalized and/or underrepresented communities.
  • Good written and interpersonal skills with the ability to work with v/s and community partners in a friendly, cooperative, and professional
  • Enthusiasm for learning and commitment to enhancing skills through training.
  • Preferred 40-hour sexual assault certification or the ability to complete training within 6
  • Knowledge and aptitude with Microsoft Office, client databases, and other related forms of
  • Valid driver’s license, automobile insurance and reliable vehicle (Valid Driver’s License and auto insurance must be on file with HR). If no vehicle, public transportation is required between office and court locations.


Direct Services (95%)

Civil and Criminal

  • Reviews incoming interventional referrals from partner Provides crisis support and information regarding next steps in criminal or civil court process. Makes connections to other CCJI Advocates on team for follow up.
  • Provides support to CCJI Advocates in their work with victim/survivors.
  • Assists victim/survivors in civil court proceedings such as Orders for Protection and Harassment Restraining Order hearings.
  • Assists victim/survivor in writing Orders for Protection/Harassment Restraining Orders and amendments and extensions to such
  • Serves as support to CCJI advocates for victim/survivors through the criminal justice process as needed, as


  • Provides safety planning sessions and one-to-one meetings with victim/survivors
  • Function as a liaison between the victim/survivor and the criminal justice system
  • Provides resources and referrals as needed to help meet victim/survivor needs
  • Keep accurate records of all victim contacts in internal Apricot This includes court appearances, phone calls and in-person contacts with and on behalf of the victim/survivors
  • Notify victim/survivors of court orders/appearances/case status
  • Consults with other members of the legal/criminal justice system and advocate for the protection of the victim/survivors and accountability of offenders within the court/criminal justice system


  • Work collaboratively across all CAS programs
  • Attend departmental staff meetings as scheduled
  • Maintain confidentiality and a professional demeanor in behavior and dress

Administrative Responsibilities (5%)

  • Assures data entry is completed accurately in Apricot database and other tracking methods.
  • Properly documents all critical  incidents:  child  protection  reports,  emergency response calls, and participant injury/cons.
  • Completes other documentation as assigned by


  • Promotes Cornerstone Advocacy Service’s mission, values &
  • Displays high ethical and professional
  • Educates  community members and  professionals   about   interpersonal violence and available services as directed by
  • Attend all staff meetings and required trainings as
  • Attend and participate in supervision

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