Employment Navigator

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Start: Aug 1, 2020 / End: Jun 30, 2021 / Location: St. Paul, MN

In times like these, your commitment to the good of others is more important than ever!

Help single adults experiencing homelessness to increase their employability, find gainful employment, and strengthen their financial stability. As a St. Joseph Worker, you can be an Employment Navigator with Catholic Charities.

Essential Functions:
• Support clients experiencing homelessness with ongoing development of individualized education and career plans while identifying barriers and their solutions.
• Track progress of plan and supports while facilitating advancement and clients’ personal progression.
• Link support services, education/training providers, career and industry information, and employment opportunities.
• Provide support and training one-to-one as well as in small group settings.
• Work collaboratively with “service team” members, such as education providers, social services, industry representatives, and employers.

Qualifications Needed:
• Proficient computer skills (word processing, internet, data entry, e-mail, etc.) with ability to build and edit resume materials.
• Ability to work closely with people of a variety of cultures and backgrounds.
• Patience and adaptability required to respond to varying communication styles and cultural perspectives.
• Ability to develop understanding of challenges associated with populations that experience unique difficulty with obtaining employment such as homeless adults, ex-offenders, people with mental illness, and people with a history of substance abuse.
• Ability to work closely with people who have mental health and/or chemical dependency issues
• Ability to work independently or as a member of a team
• Experience working with persons from diverse racial, ethnic, homeless populations, and/or economic backgrounds.