Looking for some variety in a volunteer year?

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Program Timing: Ongoing / Location: Worcester, MA

At this site, the volunteers live at the Assumption Center alongside our CANA community, and serve the population of the Main South neighborhood, a diverse tapestry of cultures and languages from around the world. Volunteers work closely with the Religious of the Assumption, who accompany and support them throughout the year. As part of a “whole community” ministry, AMA’s are present to many age ranges: children, youth, and adults.

AMA’s provide youth ministry, mentoring, and parish ministry through St. Peter’s parish (English, Spanish, African, and Children’s Masses) and St. Andrew the Apostle Mission parish. Volunteers live on the second floor of the Assumption Center, within walking distance of St. Peter’s Parish where the ESL and Mentoring Programs take place. It is is also the home of the “Semillas de Vida”/ “Seeds of Life” garden, which allows the gardeners from the community to live a more environmentally conscious way of life. The Center opens its doors to the community through other events and opportunities such as the Spiritual Library, Knitting Circle, Girls with Dreams Program, Vietnamese Camp, and Lecture Series. Click here for photos of this site!

To learn more, visit https://www.assumptionvolunteers.org/worcester-ma