Outreach Coordinator for Native American Community

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Start: Aug 1, 2020 / End: Jun 30, 2021 / Location: St. Paul, MN

A unique opportunity to build relationships and connect people to resources that serve an urban Native American community.

Gitchitwaa Kateri is a small urban parish serving the native community. We serve the Native community in South Minneapolis and the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

We are seeking an outgoing person willing to build relationships with local outreach organizations in the neighborhood that serve the native community. This position will document contacts with these agencies partially for building a handbook of resources that serve native individuals in a variety of needs. This individual will also serve individuals looking for resources and provide navigation guidance to help people find the care they are looking for. The time will be 36 hours a week on a flexible schedule as some outreach groups meet on evenings and weekends.

Position Qualifications

The ideal candidate would be comfortable in building relationships with a mixed socio-economic community; comfortable with our partners and donors and those that we serve. A background in psychology, social work, pastoral care, and counseling would be very helpful. We utilize a harm-reduction philosophy, which meets people where they are at and helps them to find a path towards a healthier lifestyle. We do not proselytize individuals, but encourage them to find a path that meets their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. The individual would be comfortable working alone and in a team. We interact with multiple cultures and the person would require some understanding of a cross-cultural milieu. The needs of the community keep increasing, in part from the current housing and opioid crises.

Anishanabee, Lakota, Hispanic, and Caucasian are the primary cultures that we are serving, but come into contact with a variety of other religions and cultures in the neighborhood.