Teachers Needed! 10th Grade Literature Teacher, K-4 Librarian Teacher

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Program Timing: As Soon As Possible / Location: Pine Ridge, SD

We are urgently(!) looking for volunteers to teach at Maȟpíya Lúta Owáyawa/Red Cloud Schools:

  • High School Literature Teacher (10th Grade)
  • K-4 Librarian Teacher

Red Cloud Volunteers work for and stand with the Oglala Lakȟóta people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Pine Ridge is located in Oglala Lakota County, one of the three poorest counties in the country (based on per capita income), but it is also one of the richest and most beautiful communities in terms of culture, spirituality, hospitality, and landscape.

Volunteers serve nearly 500 Lakȟóta students in a K-12 Catholic School System, which is jointly administered by the Jesuits and the Lakȟóta people. Volunteers are typically recent college graduates or young adults with a background in education or who desire to engage more deeply in the field of education.

During the ten-month term of service, which can be renewed for up to two school years, Volunteers work as classroom teachers or support staff through an alternative certification program. Volunteers also assist with bus driving, coaching, and after-school activities.

Most of our volunteers are also half-time AmeriCorps members through the Oyate Tȟeča Wauŋspekiya AmeriCorps Program, which supports their bus driving, academic interventions, and after-school service, as well as provides professional development support. Others in the program partner with the Magis program at Creighton University to pursue a Master’s Degree in the field of education while they teach with us.

If you have a desire to work within a challenging cross-cultural and inter-religious environment, commit to living simply in intentional communities with fellow volunteers, grow spiritually, work for justice in education, and become more socially conscious, then this program may be a good fit for you.

Want to apply?

We’d love to hear from you! Simply email a cover letter and resume to volunteer@redcloudschool.org to get the process started!