Vitae Corps

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Program Timing: Ongoing / Location: Chicagoland
Program: Faith Cintron

Vitae Corps volunteers are female college graduates who volunteer by living and working together in community at our maternity homes to help provide our residents with safe and nurturing homes. Vitae Corps volunteers are dedicated to Aid for Women’s pro-life mission and play a vital role in affirming and supporting each mother in her decision to choose life — providing her with the emotional, practical and spiritual support she and her baby need while living at our maternity

The Vitae Corps volunteer is at the heart of Aid for Women’s mission, walking hand-in-hand with each woman in her journey to motherhood and supporting each mother and child with joy and constancy. Her role is irreplaceable as a leader and model of faith, hope and charity. The love that she shares and the relationship she offers are the greatest and most healing gifts that Aid for Women, in Christ, bestows upon each woman and child.