The What's Next Notebook

Full-time service often leaves a lifelong imprint on those who volunteer, and sometimes it takes years of reflection and prayer for the impact to be fully understood. The What's Next Notebook is our guide for volunteers during this important time of transition. This recently updated resource will help you process the ways that you have been changed by service, and also look ahead to decide what your next steps will be. Containing practical tips, advice from former volunteers, and inspiration, this resource is designed as a booklet that you can use during your times of prayer and ongoing reflection.

We believe that the best way to utilize this resource is to print it out and jot down your thoughts and ideas within it's pages. The transition period may take a while, so keep this notebook close by and come back to it from time to time to accompany your ongoing reflection. We look forward to journeying together towards a lifetime of service.

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The What's Next Notebook is made available through the collaborative effort of Catholic Volunteer Network and the Catholic Apostolate Center.