Creating the Future

I am thinking about a future that we co-create because we are fully aware of the present moment – and because we are responding in prophetic and pastoral ways.  

I hope that sounds familiar. Last week, you should have received information about CVN’s focus for strategic planning. Our process and this moment are so important that we will remind you of the process many more times. Moreover, that conversation relates to another opportunity this fall to shape the future together.   

CVN really wants you and all your staff to take part in the initial stage of our Group Mapping Process. You will join hundreds of others in responding to a specific question that is focusing our visioning and planning. That will catalyze a multi-stage process combining human insight with data driven mapping techniques. The four-month process will help CVN chart a vision – with you – for the future of faith-based service. Our goal is to help you lead, adapt, and empower others in new ways. Deadline for this first phase of brainstorming closes Friday, June 25 at 9pm Pacific Time.

But taking part in a cutting-edge planning process is only one way you can explore the future. Would you like to get more involved this summer? Contact Associate Executive Director, Jocelyn. She would love to leverage your contributions!

Several months ago, CVN made the hard decision not to host an in-person annual conference in 2021. We know how much the chance to gather in-person means to you. We value it so much as well. However, the many unknowns earlier this year led us to choose another approach: a virtual gathering with some different goals and offerings than the traditional conference.  

This event will be a mix of education, mutual learning, reflection, and visioning. It will strive to help you learn even more from each other than past years. CVN’s goal is to honor: the unique challenges faith-based service programs have faced in past years; major questions about the future of faith-based service; and the discernment that many of you have been doing. And we seek to honor community by providing ample space for you to be with each other.  

Keep your eyes open later this month for dates and more details. The event will take part on weekdays during daytime working hours and will account for different time zones.   

Lastly, I hope you caught the part above about CVN members learning from each other. Do you have insights, a-ha moments, programmatic explorations, strategic shifts, or more that might help the network? If so, can you let me know or set up a time to connect? 

With you in service,

Yonce Shelton
Executive Director

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