Share the “Choose Service” Video Campaign

CVN recently released four videos featuring current and former volunteers from CVN member programs talking about their experiences and encouraging others to choose service. You can see all four on our Choose Service in 2020 page here -

Each of the four videos focuses on one aspect of the faith-based service experience that our recruiters and personal experiences have told us can be a question about or barrier to service - experience (what will I do after service?), community (what is it like to live in community or serve far from home?), ministry (what will I do every day and why does it matter?) and belonging (is there room for me if I'm from a different background than my fellow volunteers?). Direct links to all four videos are below:

  • Choose Experience: Current and former volunteers talk about the ways that their service experiences prepared them for the future. (Direct link:
  • Choose Community: Current and former volunteers talk about their experiences living in intentional community and about the broader communities they serve in. (Direct link:
  • Choose Ministry: Current and former volunteers talk about their ministries and service work. (Direct link:
  • Choose Belonging: Current and former volunteers from diverse backgrounds talk about finding their “seat at the table” within a faith-based service program. (Direct link:

We’d love for you to spread the word about the campaign and the videos. Here are three ways to be a part of it!

1) Share our posts. We’ll be posting about the individual videos on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds with the hashtag #chooseservice. Keep an eye out for the posts and share them with your own online community. And don't forget to like and comment when viewing the videos or seeing our posts on social media. It helps the posts gain momentum and reach a wider audience!

2) Write posts of your own (for social media, your blog, or your newsletter) promoting the videos and campaign. Looking for ideas? You'll find suggested posts and photos at the bottom of this page, but feel free to create and use your own!

3) Respond to the video with #chooseservice stories of your own. Do your volunteers have something to share about experience, community, ministry, or belonging? Capture their voices on video and share their stories with the hashtag #chooseservice and we’ll amplify with our own social media. Or have someone from your program write a blog post – we’re happy to amplify that as well!

Thanks, and if you have any questions about the campaign or the videos, please email Erin Roberts at

Suggested Posts

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Choose Experience

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Choose Community

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Choose Ministry

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Choose Belonging

Is there a seat at the table for you in faith-based service? Hear from volunteers about how they found their place and deepened their sense of identity in this video from @catholicvolnet. #ChooseService


Click to download and use any of the below screen captures from the videos!