The Resurrection of the Lord Reflection by Bekah Fulton

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The Resurrection of the Lord Reflection

by Bekah Fultonformer Intern with The Sojourners Internship Program 

“He has been raised; He is not here.”
(Mark 16:1-7)

For most of my life I have struggled to get up early. I do not have an inherent disposition to mornings, but waking up before 7 a.m. has never sounded good to me. However, I have recently felt like I might be missing out on something by only ever waking up to fulfill a responsibility. Unless my commitments are tied to another person or work, it is hard for me to get out of bed, whether that is for myself, or worse, for God. 

So as I meditate on the passage in Mark 16, which depicts the fervent passion Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Salome had for Jesus, I feel convicted. Rising early, they rushed to serve Jesus with spices and burial rituals, completely forgetting to consider how they would get past the behemoth boulder standing firm between Jesus and the rest of the world. How often do I let the boulders in my own story quarantine my zeal for serving Jesus? How often do I sleep in just because I don’t have a “plan”? 

One thing I have learned in my 22 years, and will most likely continue to learn, is that confidence in Christ – “the riches of assured understanding” (Colossians 2:2) – is strengthened in situations contradictory to the plans I make for myself.

Focus on: Community
In addition, these women are an example for me in my own community. Even in their service and dedication, they were surprised when Jesus was no longer in the tomb. Yet instead of remaining in awe, they were commanded to “go and tell.” We are called to be witnesses and servants of the Good News, not spectators. This passage reminds me not to be shocked by the work of God when we gather in community to serve the Lord and to trust in the promises of God!

Lord, I pray for the energy and discipline to rise early and lean in, with anticipation, to the work you have prepared for me. May I not become disheartened by the boulders I cannot see around or the plans that don’t seem to come together. I pray you soften my heart to trust in your promises and to rejoice through word and deed as I heed your command to “go and tell” of your great works. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Service Suggestion:
Similar to a budget, how we spend our days and who we give our time to is a declaration of our faith. As an act of service, give the Spirit space to move. Whether this requires an earlier start to your day or a portion of it to be left unscheduled, join me as I work to center Christ in my life!

About the Author:
Bekah Fulton is from Cypress, Texas, a graduate of Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, and currently a part of the 2017-2018 Sojourners Internship Program in Washington, D.C. She has developed a recent love for science fiction, likes to collects fridge magnets, and enjoys dabbling with various artistic mediums.

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